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James R. Anderson

The James R. Anderson Medal is the highest honor bestowed by the AGSG. It is presented annually to an individual in recognition of their highly distinguished service to the profession of geography.

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Recent winners
of the Anderson Medal
image of the Anderson Medal
2014 - Jerome Dobson

University of Kansas
Professor of Geography

2013 - Jeffrey Osleeb

University of Connecticutt
Professor of Geography and Head

2012 - Lee R. Schwartz

U.S. Department of State
Director of the Office of The Geographer and Global Issues

image of Lee R. Schwartz
2011 - Robert B. Honea

University of Kansas
Director, KU Transportation Research Institute

image of Robert B. Honea
2010 - Michael N. DeMers

New Mexico State University
Department of Geography

image of Michael N. DeMers
2009 - No winner
2008 - No winner
2007 - Michael Sutcliffe

City Manager, Durban, South Africa

image of Michael Sutcliffe
2006 - No winner
2005 - No winner
2004 - Marilyn A. Brown

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

image of Marilyn A. Brown
2003 - Barry Wellar

University of Ottawa
Department of Geography

image of Barry Wellar
2002 - Richard Wright

San Diego State University
Department of Geography
Professor Emeritus

image of Richard Wright
2001 - William B. Wood

Director, Office of the Geographer
United States Department of State

image of William Wood
2000 - Kingsley E. Haynes

Professor and Dean of the School of Public Policy
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

image of Kingsley Haynes
1999 - Joel L. Morrison

Ohio State University
Department of Geography
Director, Center for Mapping

image of Joel Morrison
1998 - Jack Dangermond

President and Founder, ESRI, Inc.

image of Jack Dangermond
1997 - Frank H. Thomas
(photo of Frank)
1996 - John W. Frazier

Binghamton University
Department of Geography

image of John Frazier
1995 (Co-winner) Roger F. Tomlinson

President, Tomlinson and Associates LTD
Ottawa, Ontario

image of Roger Tomlinson
1995 (Co-winner) Thomas J. Wilbanks

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN

1994 - William L. Garrison

University of California at Berkeley
Institute for Transportation Studies
Professor Emeritus of
Civil and Environmental Engineering

image of William Garrison
1993 - Lay J. Gibson

University of Arizona
Department of Geography

image of Lay Gibson
1992 - Edward A. Fernald

Florida State University
Institute of Science and Public Affairs

image of Edward Fernald
1991 - Harold M. Mayer
(photo of Harold)
1990 - Howard L. Green

The Green Group, Troy, MI

(photo of Howard)
1989 - T.R. Lakshmanan

Executive Director
Center for Transportation Studies
Boston University, Boston, MA

image of T.R. Lakshmanan
1988 - David L. Huff
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Geography
Professor Emeritus
image of David Huff
1987 - Brian J. L. Berry

University of Texas at Dallas
School of Social Sciences

image of Brian Berry
1986 - Gilbert F. White

University of Colorado
Professor Emeritus

image of Gilbert White
1985 - Bart J. Epstein
image of Bart Epstein
1984 - Evelyn L. Pruitt
image of Evelyn Pruitt
1983 - Joseph A. Russell
(photo of Joseph)